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Here are some frequently asked questions:

✿ How to care for polymer clay products?

Be sure to remove polymer clay products when you go to sleep, get in the shower, go swimming, and when you are active. Store your polymer clay products in a safe, cool, and dry place. 

✿ Are peachy papaya earrings hypoallergenic?

Yes, all of my earrings are hypoallergenic and nickel free. 

✿ What if my earrings break after I've bought them? 


If you care for your earrings properly this is a really rare situation. However, I understand that things happen. Reach out to me and send me a picture of what broke. I will then decide if I will replace them or not. 


✿ I live on Oahu, can you deliver my order to me in person?


I do free in-person deliveries for locals living within a certain radius of me. To check to see if your location qualifies, go to checkout your cart and enter your address on the shipping page. You will be able to see if you qualify for free delivery.


✿ Can I request a restock of a certain style on your website?


Absolutely. Reach out to me and let me know what you would like restocked. I will then let you know if I am able to restock the style at that time.

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